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Download Fedora 20-

  • updated 8/26/2014
ALL Files
http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/live-respins/ f20 Live respins (with updates)

Fedora Documents

for most answers

Common Bugs


  • livecd-creator fails on repo not found for fedora repo





  • Dealing with UEFI non-volatile memory quirks

COPR Backported GNOME 3.12 packages for Fedora 20 repo

"Backported Backported GNOME 3.12 packages for Fedora 20 packages for Fedora 20"
Experimental use with caution ?

installing sugar-desktop from another DE (ie gnome3 or KDE) as a second Desktop Environment

  • In Root Terminal:
yum install @sugar-desktop sugar-runner xorg-x11-server-Xephyr
sugar-runner is the replacement for sugar-emulator.
It allows sugar to run full screen from another DE (ie gnome3 or KDE) menu as: Education/sugar
  • Tested in LXDE; Mate; Cinnamon, Gnome3 and KDE and works well from Education/Sugar in their menus.

know how to force a reinstall of a kernel

yum reinstall kernel isn't doing anything
you need to re-run the scriptlets
this is not done with "yum reinstall"
"rpm -q --scripts kernel-version-release" would tell you what to rerun

Fedora-qa Testing

  • Installation Tests
  • Test Page Non-releasing desktops
  • FE and Blocker Codes
  • Testing Spins signoff page
Important to be filled out as "YES" in Alpha Beta Final columns or the spin will not be released.
  • Read this explanation:

Turn off gnome automatic background updates

To turn off background downloading of updates and forced 10 minute updates on boot of gnome3.10.1
  • Root terminal
yum install dconf-editor
  • User Terminal
Uncheck [ ] auto updates
  • see gnome Bug:

Fedora/Sugar test cases

Used to test Sugar and sugar-desktop

fedup Updating f20 desktop to f21 workstation

done 11/4/2014
  • Caution:

1-) Backup your work before attempting this

2-) fully update your f20 install

3-) In root terminal:

yum update
yum install fedup
fedup --nogpgcheck --network 21 --product workstation --instrepo https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/stage/21_TC1/Server/x86_64/os/
Download 1415 files
  • reboot system
  • "System Upgrade Fedup" on boot menu
Update 1415 files
  • NOTE: Terminal display stops updating at about 68%
FIX: switch to {alt-f2} then {alt-f1}
  • Successful Upgrade.

Upgrading Fedora using yum

Upgrading f20 installs with yum to f21

  • Dennis Gilmore 09/24/2024 IRC
"I have updated a few machines by running "yum --releasever=21 install
fedora-release" then "yum distro-sync" and not had any issues. As I
understand this thread it is soley about what to do in the case of
using fedup only. in which case we need to setup some things in
mirrormanager and do some testing and see what happens. note that we
may not be able to use the fedora-install-21 prefix as the install
trees all have a prefix already assigned"

tests using Multi DVD

dd to USB installs to USB HD with i7 computer
  • Desktop f20>21 (rawhide)
Fully yum updated 12/18/2013 (satellit)
Booted nicely into gnome
  • KDE f20>21 (rawhide)
--skip broken needed due to bluetooth req.
KDM login reached after reboot but crashed and returned to KDM
  • MATE f20>21 (rawhide)
--skip broken needed due to bluetooth req.
had to yum remove f20 anaconda as it conflicted with f21 anaconda
Booted nicely into MATE 1.7.1

tests using Netinstall.CD

  • KDE f20>21 (rawhide)
imports key
KDM login reached after reboot but crashed and returned to KDM

Fails with broken dependencies on re-boot.

TEST using nightly compose f21 (rawhide) KDE x86_64

liveinst install
imports key
Installs to HD from DVD
boots and starts KDE 4.12.0 (rawhide) with simple desktop display manager...
IRC#fedora-kde Kevin_Kofler: Bug 1045937 sddm causes plasma-nm to not attempt to connect to any listed networks on Fedora KDE - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1045937
Networking fix
  • 12/23/2013 on IRC
also on 12/26/2013 Boot.iso install of lxde to HD

Fixes the bug

<satellit> dhclient: error loading shared libraries: libk5crypto.so.3   ...:Permission denied

<danofsatx> well, adam's trick works...
<danofsatx> setenforce Permissive
<danofsatx> systemctl restart NetworkManager

Gnome 3.1.2 repo

Bug Reports

  • Blockers Bugs info

Dracut Options

"The root filesystem used by the kernel is specified in the boot configuration file, as always.
The traditional root=/dev/hda1 style device specification is allowed.
If a label is used, as in root=LABEL=rootPart the initrd will search all available devices for an ext2 or ext3 filesystem with the appropriate label,
and mount that device as the root filesystem. root=UUID=uuidnumber will mount the partition with that UUID as the root filesystem." 

Network Boot Options



Not ready maybe in f21?
To run gnome-shell under Wayland, execute the following command in a terminal:
gnome-session --session=gnome-wayland

Sugar in arm devices

  • Installation
  • SoaS
  • ARM
More ARM-Info

Gnome Initial Setup

  • Screenshots of gnome3 initial setup with explanatory text
  • Be sure to enter both root and user in anaconda
Gnome-initial-setup requires a stornger password than anaconda does.
  • This is important if you plan to use multiple Desktop Environments (DE) you will end up with 2 Users once you run the 2nd DE. ie gnome3 and KDE
If you do not setup the user name and password in anaconda G-I-S will run in anaconda and repeat I-S when you boot the second DE
Bug in G-I-S and I-S (Initial-setup)

Fedora-20 anaconda 20.12-1 installer

  • NOTE: Latest anaconda 20.25.6-1 in Beta TC-1 is very similar to what is shown below 11/17/2013
  • Note also same installer is on F20-DVD and netinstall but with more options.

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  • Install Destination
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  • Install Destination select disk and [Back]
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  • Installation Options
Choose type of formatting
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  • Begin Installation
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  • Installation finished
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  • Reboot and log in
Remember to check that installation DVD/CD (or .iso in VM) is removed before retarting
This may not occur automaticaly with a live .iso-DVD/CD
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  • 20 Gnome3.10.1 Sugar-runner running f20 sugar 0.100 in VirtualBox. Background from cp is set from picures on f20 install
If installing sugar from another DE (ie gnome3 or KDE) as a second Desktop Environment:
In Root Terminal:
yum install @sugar-desktop sugar-runner xorg-x11-server-Xephyr
sugar-runner is the replacement for sugar-emulator.
It allows sugar to run full screen from another DE (ie gnome3 or KDE) menu as: Education/sugar