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IRC, Internet Relay Chat

Most Sugar Labs chat takes place on IRC (see Internet Relay Chat).

  • The IRC activity allows access to IRC from within the Sugar environment.
  • You can use a computer-based client to log in to IRC, such as Pidgin or X-Chat. This link should work for such clients: irc://
  • Or, use a browser add-on (like ChatZilla for the FireFox web browser, where the above link will also work).
  • Easiest, might be this web browser-based service provided by freenode through qwebirc to chat on #sugar now.

IRC is mainly designed for group communication in discussion 'channels', but allows for personal chat and data transfer as well.

The Sugar Labs Community uses a series of channels in the network.

IRC channel discussion archives

  • Archives of many Sugar-related IRC channels are generated automatically by an IRC bot and are indexed here. channels

#olpc-help or irc:// Community help. If you need help using an XO or with Sugar, and you haven't asked anywhere else: try here first.
#sugar or irc:// For day-to-day Sugar development—a casual, friendly place where Sugar developers collaborate.
#sugar-meeting or irc:// A channel for scheduled Sugar Labs meetings. See the Sugar Labs event calendar.
#fedora-olpc or irc:// A channel for the Fedora development project for OLPC XOs and a Sugar distribution. See the project page. channels

#schoolserver or irc:// The meeting channel for the XS, the XO school Server.
(Not active in September 2009.)
#treehouse or irc:// The meeting channel for the Treehouse - Hosting

How to use IRC channels

  • A web-based chat for channels is qwebirc, with nickname: (whatever you like), and channel: #sugar (or whatever other channel you're trying to get into).
  • A web-based chat for other channels is Mibbit, with nickname: (whatever you like), server:, and channel: #schoolserver (or whatever other channel you're trying to get into). It also includes an in-line translation service that is helpful when other languages are used. (Connections via mibbit are no longer supported on freenode. You may wish to consider using instead. Further information over at
  • Some helpful resources are here, and this tutorial, which also includes basic commands.
  • Learn about IRC etiquette. Try here, here, or here.
  • For IRC under sugar, install the latest Sugar IRC activity.
  • In Pidgin you can configure IRC and then Add a Chat to your Buddy list. Select the IRC channel from the drop-down menu, and enter the name of the channel. You can set Pidgin to open channels automatically whenever it starts up.
  • In a traditional IRC client, you join a channel with the /join command, for example, enter /join #sugar in the input box.
  • Connect to one of the above channels, and say hello. You will see a list of the handles (on-line names) of the people in the channel, and the conversation will appear in a scrolling window. Type your message in the command entry area, and press return.
  • Instructions for using the meeting log robot are here.