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The mission of the oversight board is to ensure that the Sugar Labs community has clarity of purpose and the means to collaborate in achieving its goals.

The Oversight Board

The current oversight board members are:

We'd like to thank the follow former board members for their contributions:


We meet on IRC at 16:00 UTC (19:00 UTC in April 2016, then reverting to 16:00 UTC) on the first Friday of each month. (irc.freenode.net #sugar-meeting)

Details of meeting times and links to the minutes can be found at Oversight Board/Minutes.


Board actions and decisions are found at Oversight Board/Decisions.

Additional roles within Sugar Labs

Note: The contents of this section have been transcluded from another page, Sugar Labs/Roles:
The Oversight Board is responsible for appointing delegates with executive functions.

Any Sugar Labs member can be appointed by the board. Existing delegates include:

Coordinators are appointed independently by each SIG.

The Oversight Board appoints one of its members as a liaison to each SIG.