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Plop Linux
Plop Linux is a small distribution that can boot from CD, DVD, USB flash drive (UFD), USB harddisk or from network with PXE. It's designed to rescue data from a damaged system, backup and restore operating systems, automate tasks and more.
  • Instructions to build a Custom bootable CD/USB with your files on it.
Multisystem LiveUSB

Multisystem enables a LiveUSB to do everything, ideal for exploring different Linux distributions without installing on your PC, or to install the Linux distribution of your choice on your PC much faster than via a LiveCD by using fast USB 2.0 ports.

Essential for the current range of netbooks that have no CD drive.

Ideal for any geek, anyone doing maintenance, keep your USB key with you always, and be ready for use in wherever you are with friends in a cafe, ...

  • Multisystem is a free software developed under GPL-V3 written in bash / gtkdialog for creating USB sticks MultiBoot.
(in French with google translations on some pages)
Multisystem LiveUSB Web Page
Supported Systems
Supported Systems pdf with links