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  • Note: this page is a demo page to be updated to v4 Mango Lassi and accessed from the modified first link on the customized start page (index.html) of Sugar-Browse.
How unusual. Could we have it back as a discussion page yet? --Quozl 18:32, 23 February 2011 (EST)

Introduction to Soas-v3 Mirabelle

(revised 06/29/2010)

(READ THIS FIRST) - AN Introduction to Sugar on a Stick

Cautions with using Live USB's Sugar on a Stick/Installation/Variations#Cautions with using Live USB devices

How to Make a live USB (instructions on how to make a live USB in Windows, GNU/Linux, and Intel Mac's) Sugar on a Stick/Installation#with Microsoft Windows

SoaS v3 Mirabelle

(the current version of SoaS)
  • Activities Compatible with Mirabelle (Spreadsheet) +[1]
  • GCompris Activities Compatible with Mirabelle (Spreadsheet) +[2]


listing: Activities

Installed on Mirabelle
Activity Name Notes Activity Name Notes
Browse [3][4][5] Log [6]
Etoys [7][8] Write [9][10]
Chat [11][12] Physics [13][14]
Terminal [15][16] Record [17][18]
IRC [19][20] Turtle Art [21][22]

ASLOxo­2 (140+ Sugar Activities)

These can be copied to a 1-GB USB device and drag-­dropped into the Sugar Journal to install them.
  • Activities Index­Mirabell.ods (also Included on ASLOxo-3ss.iso] OR
Open Office Spreadsheet showing .xo File Compatibility with Mirabelle and earlier versions of SoaS.
Note: You can sort it, as it is a spreadsheet!

DVD covers and artwork

(from Wikipedia article)

CD labels to print
  • Sugar on a stick Mirabelle.png ( Mirabelle 4 stick Logo )300px-SugaronastickMirabelle.png

Floss Manuals

(Important Manuals on how to use Sugar Applications and Features)

Graphic installers

Liveusb Creator

Mirabelle backup, deja-­dup

Sugar Clone

customize or duplicate Live USB installations
(script files for making a customized Live USB installation self­-replicating)

Expert install methods