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VirtualBox.pngSet up MacBook to Open VirtualBox
..automatically when you power it on
Mac OSX Version 10.6.8
  • Open System Preferences/Accounts
use Spotlight:
magnifying glass on right end of top bar
search for "accounts"
Choose System Preferences| Accounts
  • Click on your user
login Options/
Login Items (to right)
Click Add(+) button to the right of the accounts list
Select an application VirtualBox - Application and click add.
  • Boot Mac
Mac opens directly to VirtualBox VirtualBox Manager
Pointed to VirtualBox Appliance - (the last one used)
You can select another on list
==> Start
  • Now when the MacBook is powered on, it will boot up in VirtualBox pointed at the last Virtual Appliance used
There can be multiple VirtualBox appliances, belonging to individual students/teachers to choose from, on the same Mac.
Nice school set up for 1 Mac with multiple student's Sugar.
easy to archive with export function of VirtualBox - save weekly? backups for each of the students.
To roll back: import the previously exported file - quick and easy
  • Where we need to simplify We need a simple, elegant, Sugar specific UI that is presented to the user when they insert a stick into a running Windows machine.
  • Suggestion-1:
Download the 2 files for VirtualBox import to a 2nd USB stick
On insertion; the contents of the USB stick pop up
 An example:
 f16-live-RC4-Desktop-sugaruser.ovf <==click on this file and it immediately imports into VirtualBox (less than 2 Minutes) 
 (Only the .ovf file icon is highlighted in the USB stick contents)
  • Suggestion-2:
Export the VirtualBox .vdi hard drive to a 2nd USB and create a new machine that uses the .vdi to run
/home/(user)/VirtualBox VMs/ (copy all three files to USB-stick)
Create a new appliance
use pre-existing hard disk
Look for .vdi (on USB-stick)

Trisquel running from Ext USB-stick.png

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  • This is OS agnostic for a system with an installed VirtualBox 4.1