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CD.png SCK-USB-MAC-Folder.iso (CD.iso)
108 MB
  • For MacBook Only - This Image contains the same content as SCK-USB (CD.iso) - Listed below
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  • How to USE
  • Download
Download: to Mac Desktop
Open with - right click
  • Copy "SCK Copy to new SCK USB" (88.6 MB) Folder on Mounted iso to the Mac Desktop
  • Format USB-stick with Disk Utility
  • (Applications/Utilities/Disk
  • Insert 1 GB USB-stick (or larger) into a MAC USB slot


  • Open Disk
select USB-stick - Be Careful to select the correct one.
Erase as fat; label="SCK"
  • Close Disk Utility
  • Click on Mounted USB-stick "SCK" on Desktop
  • Copy 7 items in "SCK Copy to new SCK USB" folder
to SCK USB-stick on Desktop (88.6 MB)
  • Open SCK USB-stick on Desktop


Click on "Sugar_Creation_Kit.html"
  • Firefox for OSX starts wiki from USB-stick
NO INTERNET Connection required
  • revised Jan 11, 2011