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Connect with Sugar Labs

Sugar has a growing community that is ready to help you. Because users and contributors span the globe, a key element to the project is communication. Mailing Lists, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), forums and blogs, provide quick and easy ways to communicate.

See our community contacts index for additional contacts.

Public e-mail contacts

  • Ombudsman (who will help mediate any disputes): <ombudsman AT sugarlabs DOT org>
  • Sugar Labs Public Relations: <pr AT sugarlabs DOT org>

Mailing Lists

See Mailing Lists.


See Internet Relay Chat.


Planet Sugar Labs - This aggregates a number of popular blogs on Sugar and OLPC. See Sysadmin/Planet syndication request for adding more blogs to this feed.

Jabber Networks

Jabber networks link Sugar users to each other in order to chat, interact and collaborate. There are global Sugar Jabber networks, or regional ones hosted by organizations and individuals around the world. You can choose whichever Jabber network you wish to connect to. Connecting Sugar to one of these networks will greatly enhance your Sugar experience.



You also may contact us by mail:

Walter Bender
Executive Director
c/o Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3548


  • Public relations: +1 (617) 500-9610 (this is the new number)