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  • Communicate with other Sugar Learners and developers.
  • Chat is an example of a shared Activity, which allows Collaboration over a network.
There are many different shared Activities in Sugar
Collaboration is one of Sugar's strongest features.

Boot Sugar

  • The Home view (F3) appears
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Chatting with the Chat Activity
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Screenshot of Home f3 spiral.png

The Chat icon Activity-chat.png is on the right side of the Spiral of Activities
You must be connected to a network for Chat to Collaborate.

Start Chat

  • Click on the Chat icon.

Chat Start.png

Share your Chat session

  • Click on the 'white disc with a dot inside' icon on the Activity toolbar.
  • Click Mesh key f1 small.png in the drop-down palette menu.

Chat Activity share dropdown.png

You must run Chat as a shared session for it to collaborate.
You are now collaborating in a shared Activity session.
Your shared Chat session will show as an icon on the Neighborhood view (F1).
Other Learners can join your Chat session from their Neighborhood view.

Send Chat message

Type your message in the bottom text entry box of Chat.
  • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
Here Testing Chat is the message
Note that the Learner's avatar name is displayed on the line before the message.
In this case, Tris5-sugar: Testing Chat
This becomes useful if several other Learners join the Chat session.

Use emoticons in your chat

Click on the "happy face" icon on the toolbar.

A drop-down palette menu appears and you can click on any of the emoticons on it.

Chat Activity emoticon drop down.png

  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
The emoticon is added to your message.

Chat with msg and emoticon.png

Joining a shared Chat session

This is an example of joining another Learner's shared Chat session.
  • Click Mesh key f1 small.png in the Frame or press the F1 key and you switch to the Neighborhood view.
  • Move the mouse pointer away from screen/window edge to retract the Frame.
  • Join another Learner's shared Chat session.
Hover the mouse pointer over the Chat icon.
Click Join on the pop-up palette menu.
F1 Join Chat.png

You are Chatting (collaborating) in the other Learner's Chat session.
Shared Chat.png
You can see your messages in yellow and the other Learner's messages in blue.
Other Learners' colors will match the colors of their XO avatar.
It will not always be blue.
  • Move the mouse pointer to a corner of the screen/window.
Wait until the Frame extends.
  • This screenshot is from a newly shared Chat session.

Screenshot of Chat Activity frame shared with XO-1.png

  • An icon for the running Chat Activity is displayed on the top bar of the Frame.
  • Avatars of the 2 connected Learners are displayed on the right bar of the Frame.
  1. Icon for the Learner - (Has the same pop-up palette menu as shown in the Home view version of the icon (not shown).
  2. Pop-out palette menu for the Learner sharing this Chat session - Remove Friend (shown)

Stop Chat

Shared Chat stop.png
  • Click on the white octagon icon with a black square in it, on the right side of the toolbar.
Stop Ctrl+Q appears on the drop-down palette label.
  • Click on it.
  • You return to the Home view screen.